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Silver Explorer

Destinácia: Arktída
Lodná spoločnosť: Silversea
Termín: 20. 09. 2019
Dĺžka: 15 nocí
Cena od:
16 800 € vonkajšie
Uvedená plavba už nie je dostupná.
All inclusive

Program plavby

  • 1
    Reykjavik, Island
    20. 09. 2019
  • 1
    Reykjavik, Island
    21. 09. 2019, odchod o 22:00
  • 2
    Grundarfjordur, Iceland
    22. 09. 2019, príchod o 08:00, odchod o 22:00
  • 3
    Deň na mori
    23. 09. 2019
  • 3
    Deň na mori
    24. 09. 2019
  • 4
    Cruise Prince Christian Sound, Grónsko
    25. 09. 2019
  • 5
    Aappilattoq, Grónsko
    25. 09. 2019, príchod o 13:30, odchod o 18:30
  • 6
    Hvalsey, Island
    26. 09. 2019, príchod o 07:30, odchod o 11:45
  • 7
    Qaqortoq, Grónsko
    26. 09. 2019, príchod o 13:30, odchod o 18:30
  • 8
    Deň na mori
    27. 09. 2019
  • 8
    Deň na mori
    28. 09. 2019
  • 9
    Iqaluit / Nunavut, Kanada
    29. 09. 2019, príchod o 13:30, odchod o 18:00
  • 10
    Monumental Island, Nový Zéland
    30. 09. 2019, príchod o 01:45, odchod o 14:30
  • 11
    Lady Franklin Island, Kanada
    30. 09. 2019, príchod o 16:30, odchod o 20:00
  • 12
    Deň na mori
    01. 10. 2019
  • 12
    Deň na mori
    02. 10. 2019
  • 13
    L'Anse aux Meadows, Kanada
    03. 10. 2019, príchod o 12:30, odchod o 18:30
  • 14
    Twillingate / Newfoundland, Kanada
    04. 10. 2019, príchod o 06:30, odchod o 14:00
  • 15
    St John's, Newfoundland, Kanada
    05. 10. 2019, príchod o 08:00
Informácie o lodi

Luxusná spoločnosť Silversea - malé lode veľký luxusPlavebná spoločnosť: Silversea Cruises.
Loď Silver Explorer bola spustená na vodu v roku 1989.
Lodenice: Rauma-Repola, Rauma, Fínsko
Krstný otec: monacký princ Albert II.
Jej malá tonáž ju robí ideálnou pre expedičné plavby aj v takých regiónoch ako Nórsko, Južný Pacifik či Antarktída.
Pôvodné mená: World Adventurer, World Discoverer, Prince Albert II.

Technické údaje:
Tonáž: 6.072 t
Dĺžka: 107,9 m / Šírka: 15,8 m / Ponor: 4,38 m
Kapacita hostia: 130 osôb
Zamestnanci: 117 osôb
Rýchlosť: 14 uzlov
Počet palúb: 5 pre hostí


Deck plan
Vybavenie lode

M/V Silver Explorer offers guests a relaxing onboard atmosphere across several decks and her facilities include a library, lecture theatre, internet centre, observation lounge, one main dining room, gym, sauna and a state of the art massage room. The ship also has eight Zodiac landing craft for transferring passengers between ship and shore. Silver Explorer is an all-suite ice-class (1A) ship delivering a true expedition experience with posh onboard amenities and excellent service. The ship was last refurbished in 2009, but is impeccably maintained and possesses a timeless classic decor. The destination might be the main focus of an expedition cruise, but that does not mean Silversea ignores the onboard experience. Previously, those ships were inconsistent in those areas. Now, dining choices are modern, varied and sophisticated, prepared with excellent ingredients by skilled Silversea chefs. Crew affection for each other and for passengers makes for a relaxed, pampering cruise. We have rarely encountered a crew who act as happy as this one. All passengers, no matter the suite level, are assigned butlers -- a rare treat on an expedition ship. Well-trained and highly experienced, they cater to passengers' every whim -- and then some. For instance, you might return to your suite from a chilly outing and discover that the butler and suite attendant have prepared a scented bubble bath replete with flickering battery-operated candles. But fine dining and butlers are not why passengers choose to take an expedition trip. It's the lure of exotic destinations; Silver Explorer's most popular itineraries are the Arctic and Antarctic. Here, too, the ship excels. A fleet of Zodiacs ensures all passengers experience multiple outings, usually twice daily. Expedition teams include highly experienced and enthusiastic biologists, historians, geologists and ornithologists, among the Ph.D.-heavy group. Most importantly, they impart in-depth knowledge in an entertaining upbeat fashion. Team members often dine with passengers. Silversea Expeditions also enjoys an exclusive partnership with the Royal Geographical Society, which provides additional scientific and historical information (often seen in the library or on ship display). Daytime on Silver Explorer is devoted to expedition exploration. When passengers do have free time onboard, they're typically attending lectures by the expedition team, reading and playing board games like Monopoly in the library or relaxing in The Observation and The Panorama Lounges. Some passengers hit the gym or spa, but be prepared that both are tiny. Occasionally, the ship offers a wine tasting or cooking demonstration. Late in the day, passengers enjoy more traditional cruise ship pastimes, like afternoon tea, cocktails, and multicourse dinners with entertainment by a keyboardist. Most retire early for morning outings.